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She Said Yes
by Misty Bernall

Cassie Bernall was one of the victims at the Columbine High School massacre on April 20, 1999. When she was asked by one of the killers if she believed in God, she responded "Yes" and they shot her in the head. She Said Yes, written by Cassie's mother Misty, is an account not only of the ways in which Cassie's family and friends dealt with such a tragedy, but also about the truly remarkable turnaround of a troubled teen, from Satanic worship and thoughts of suicide to an unlikely martyr.

Misty Bernall pours her heart and soul into this short book, telling us about the struggle she and her husband underwent when they discovered violent letters in Cassie's room when she was beginning high school. She had fallen in with the wrong crowd, as so many parents are worried about, but how exactly does one deal with it? Do you let her go on the good faith that one day she will realize how stupid she is acting? Or do you completely lock her down and force her to change?

Luckily for the Bernalls, their decision worked, as Cassie ultimately performed the ultimate act of a Christian: affirming faith in God even when faced with imminent death. This book really makes a person wonder whether or not he himself would have such conviction in the same situation.

Christopher Moyer
October 18, 2004