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Bubba Ho-Tep (2002)

As far as offbeat movies go, Bubba Ho-Tep takes the cake and runs about 300 miles down a swampy path into the woods with it. In a retirement community in East Texas, Elvis Presley (Bruce Campbell) longs for the days when he could get out of bed. He meets none other than JFK (Ossie Davis) in the same retirement home, only this JFK is black ("Don't you see? They dyed my skin!"). Strange things have been happening around the home, as Elvis battled a massive cockroach, and JFK found hieroglyphic writings on the wall of the visitor's commode. Turns out there is an ancient mummy arisen from the dead, and Elvis and JFK must combine forces to slay the Egyptian terror before he devours the souls of all their friends.

Unfortunately, I think I was more entertained by the movie's premise than the movie itself. However, I do recommend seeing this if you're into unconventional flicks, and enjoy Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead) spouting hilarious one-liners.

Christopher Moyer
July 19, 2004

- Directed by Don Coscarelli
- Written by Don Coscarelli
- Produced by Don Coscarelli, Jason R. Savage

Bruce Campbell - Elvis Presley
Ossie Davis - John F. Kennedy

- Genres: Comedy, Horror