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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (2002)

Sometimes in a romantic relationship, signals can get crossed, and one party ends up feeling differently about the other. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not tells a two-sided love story: one of budding romance turning into neglect and one of mysterious obsession bordering on danger.

Audrey Tautou stars as Angelique, an art student in love with the cardiologist Loic, who claims that he will leave his pregnant wife for her. She sends him little notes and leaves surprises at his office for him, and he, in turn, plans to take her on a trip to Florence.

However, strange things start happening: Angelique gets in a moped accident; Loic's wife gets in a fight with him and leaves, after having a miscarriage; a woman accuses Loic of assault and battery, then mysteriously dies of a heart attack the very same night. And we begin to think that maybe Angelique isn't seeing this relationship the same way that Loic is.

The film does a magnificent job of showing the two sides to this story, and it becomes more involving as each scene plays out. About halfway through, the entire story gets rewound and told from a different perspective, and subverts everything that has gone before. For those afraid of foreign films, this would be an excellent entry-level one to get you going. It proceeds at a brisk pace and the storytelling never skips a beat. High recommendation.

Christopher Moyer
February 15, 2005

- Directed by Laetitia Colombani
- Written by Laetitia Colombani, Caroline Thivel
- Produced by Charles Gassot

Audrey Tautou - Angelique
Samuel Le Bihan - Loic
Isabelle Carre - Rachel
Clement Sibony - David
Sophie Guillemin - Heloise

- Genres: Romance, Thriller

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