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Saw (2004)
Why? That is my question. Why did they have to take a perfectly good horror film and tack on an arbitrary twist at the end that negates everything that went before it. Why? Saw had so much promise all throughout, and, if done right, the ending could have tied it all together and really...
review posted: May 24, 2005
Talk to Her (2002)
Here is a film about women in comas and the men who love them. However, as the story unfolds, we learn that each man has a radically different perspective on love, yet they are able to bond with one another, maintain a friendship, and offer forgiveness. Talk to Her is a rare and...
Full Approvalreview posted: May 18, 2005
Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)
The other day I was discussing salespeople with a friend and we determined that nobody likes being sold anything. Coincidental, then, that I saw Glengarry Glen Ross that night, as the film seems to support our hypothesis, but it adds another dimension to it: the salespeople themselves may...
Recommendedreview posted: May 17, 2005
In Good Company (2004)
Corporations in America are growing ever stronger, and, conversely, the individuals who make up the workforce of the corporations are losing their identities and growing weaker. In Good Company, a film that I was expecting to be lighter and more of a romantic comedy, takes a look inside a...
review posted: May 17, 2005
The Jerk (1979)
The Jerk, a comedy that marked the big screen debut of Steve Martin, is a pretty funny film because of its complete absurdity. It doesn't seek to do anything beyond providing laughs by way of slapstick, and most of the time the jokes are funny, but for a film of this nature to completely...
review posted: May 8, 2005
The Killing (1956)
Stanley Kubrick's first hit film, The Killing, is a superior heist movie filled with all of what are now the standard elements. What sets it apart is Kubrick's inventive time-rearranging storytelling and excellent visual sense, along with some twists and turns that you really can't see...
Recommendedreview posted: May 4, 2005
McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971)
The Old West as depicted in most movies consisted of heroes and villains, cowboys fighting indians and outlaws to protect a tiny rural town. Well, needless to say, the Western genre does not generally provide an accurate portrayal of the Old West. McCabe & Mrs. Miller turns the Western...
Recommendedreview posted: May 4, 2005
Mississippi Burning (1988)
Mississippi Burning captures the American South of the 1960s and its turbulent race relations by telling a story that, while technically fictional, is inspired by actual events that took place. It succeeds by all at once being gripping, emotional, and contemplative. Despite being made in...
Recommendedreview posted: May 1, 2005
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