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Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)
The other day I was discussing salespeople with a friend and we determined that nobody likes being sold anything. Coincidental, then, that I saw Glengarry Glen Ross that night, as the film seems to support our hypothesis, but it adds another dimension to it: the salespeople themselves may...
Recommendedreview posted: May 17, 2005
The Killing (1956)
Stanley Kubrick's first hit film, The Killing, is a superior heist movie filled with all of what are now the standard elements. What sets it apart is Kubrick's inventive time-rearranging storytelling and excellent visual sense, along with some twists and turns that you really can't see...
Recommendedreview posted: May 4, 2005
McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971)
The Old West as depicted in most movies consisted of heroes and villains, cowboys fighting indians and outlaws to protect a tiny rural town. Well, needless to say, the Western genre does not generally provide an accurate portrayal of the Old West. McCabe & Mrs. Miller turns the Western...
Recommendedreview posted: May 4, 2005
Mississippi Burning (1988)
Mississippi Burning captures the American South of the 1960s and its turbulent race relations by telling a story that, while technically fictional, is inspired by actual events that took place. It succeeds by all at once being gripping, emotional, and contemplative. Despite being made in...
Recommendedreview posted: May 1, 2005
The Gift (2000)
It's not often that you come across a horror film that tells a story with intelligence and is more concerned with the people in the story than splattering blood and guts all over the screen. Well The Gift is one of the better horror films of recent years, and with names like Sam Raimi and...
Recommendedreview posted: April 12, 2005
Mean Creek (2004)
Who hasn't wanted to get back at that mean old bully in school? You know the guy: he picks on kids smaller than him just because he's a big jerk and he can. Who doesn't want to teach that kid a lesson? So what if you had the chance to do so and you found out he wasn't such a bad guy?...
Recommendedreview posted: April 3, 2005
Man on the Train (2002)
Man on the Train tells the story of two men who come to meet by chance, and in talking with one another, each begins to wonder if maybe he would be happier with the life of the other man. This is a French film and the pace is slow at times, but the conversations of these men bristle with...
Recommendedreview posted: March 28, 2005
The Barbarian Invasions (2003)
The Barbarian Invasions is a rare and unconventional film: it is complicated, but the complications come not from the plot, but from the characters. At the end of the film, we are not left wondering what happened, because all of the events in the film are pretty clear, but rather why what...
Recommendedreview posted: March 14, 2005
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