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8 1/2 (1963)
How does one begin to talk about 8 1/2? Every frame in this film could be put in a frame and hung on a wall. But it is not just the most brilliantly vivid visual film I've seen, it is indeed brilliantly conceived from beginning to end as well....
Full Approvalreview posted: February 1, 2005
American Splendor (2003)
Excellent, excellent film. This is the true story of Harvey Pekar, a lowly, lonely file clerk in Cleveland, OH, who, sometime around 1980 decided to write his own comic book about his own boring, seemingly meaningless and difficult life. He became a minor celebrity and recurring guest on...
Full Approvalreview posted: March 15, 2004
Amores Perros (2000)
Amores Perros is a Mexican film by 21 Grams director Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu that involves three interlocking stories of love, violence, loss, and dogs. Yes, dogs....
Full Approvalreview posted: November 11, 2004
Bad Santa (2003)
Not only is this Santa bad, he is vulgar, crass, dirty, foulmouthed, loose-moraled - come to think of it, I can't imagine a worse Santa. In spite of this, Bad Santa is a brilliant dark comedy, full of huge laughs from beginning to end, as long as you can put up with all of the bad...
Full Approvalreview posted: February 6, 2005
Changing Lanes (2002)
Changing Lanes pulls a fast one on you. No, I'm not talking about a shocking plot twist. What I mean is that it lets you think that it's a tale of the vengeance that two men inflict on one another after a traffic accident causes more trouble than they could have imagined, but really it's...
Full Approvalreview posted: February 18, 2005
Dark City (1998)
A man (Rufus Sewell) wakes to find himself in a hotel. Time has stopped momentarily. The man is told he has been there for 3 weeks. He doesn't remember how he got there or even who he is....
Full Approvalreview posted: October 20, 2003
Do the Right Thing (1989)
Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing is an uncommonly intelligent film that attacks the issue of race relations by refusing to take sides and exposing the humanity that lies behind the broad brushstrokes of the term "race." The film builds racial tension to a breaking point, and when the...
Full Approvalreview posted: February 27, 2005
Elephant (2003)
On April 20, 1999, in Littleton, Colorado, the worst school massacre in American history took place at Columbine High School. The attack was perpetrated by two kids who were social outcasts in their school, and felt that the only way they could get even and send a message was to march...
Full Approvalreview posted: February 26, 2005
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